5 core features for all NICU families

NICU2HOME consists of five core features - Home, Update, Education, Journey, and Community - all of which were requested by NICU graduate parents and health care providers.


Home offers daily customized education content based on infants’ current age and parents' preferences. This homepage also functions as a private social media-like platform allowing parents to invite and connect with family and friends.

"It's a great connection tool for our family and the grandparents while our little boy was in the NICU and a great resource for preemie baby information."
30-week preemie

EMR Connectivity

Seamlessly collects information from the babies' Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Daily update

shares the baby's weight, feeding and respiratory status, and more everyday in the morning during the NICU stay


Feeding and Pumping

allows parents to track their feeding and pumping activities

Discharge module

helps parents check their readiness to take their baby home from the NICU

"Great app! I enjoy all the material in one place and that they update over time to align with my baby's experience"
32-week preemie
"This app is perfect for parents who aren't able to visit hospital as often as they would like. I like the daily updates - especially how it's child specific"
NICU mom
Prentice NICU

Education Center

The Education Center provides a wide range of useful content for parents of even the youngest premature babies. Educational content covers developmentally appropriate topics throughout the NICU journey. While many parents feel a sense of uncertainty during the NICU stay and transition home, the Education Center fosters feelings of self-efficacy, competence and emotional support.

"I really like the educational content, especially as a first-time parent. I find the information to be well organized and relevant and not overwhelming."
30-week Preemie

Visualize history

Clear history visuals showing parents how far their infant has come over time from the NICU to home

Share with family

Update family and friends on the baby's journey and progress from the NICU and home


Automated Tracking

Automatically tracks developmental milestones from the EMR and allows parents to enter personal celebratory milestones such as first kangaroo cuddle

Developmental Milestones

allow the parents to check off their baby's latest milestones to keep track of development in movement, communication, learning, and social skills


Nurturing a premature baby can be tough, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. This feature aims to provide NICU families a moderated platform from which they can view curated posts and comment on their own NICU journey with the community.


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