About Us

About Us

We're committed to supporting NICU families

Our team understands the unique challenges and stresses families in the NICU face from the very first day of their baby's life, throughout the NICU journey and even once at home. We bring together expertise in pediatrics and neonatology, neonatal and child development, user experience design, and technology development. We are committed to using our expertise to support families in the NICU with developmentally appropriate, cutting-edge, user-friendly information technologies.

Our values

Support All Humans

We are here to support human beings of all sizes in difficult times. We recognize at the other end of this technological intervention there is a parent or a family member with a sick child.

Find the Silver Lining. Everyday

We work hard to make life easier for our users, bringing more hope and optimism in complicated and stressful situations. Cautious optimism undergirds the quality of our work. We strive to look on the bright side and show that in our work.


Craig Garfield, MD, MAPP

Co-PI & Project Lead
Craig oversees the the project operations, focusing on impacts of the intervention on NICU family health outcome measures.

Joshua E. Santiago

Project manager
Josh is responsible for planning and overseeing the project including budget plan and resource management.

Young Seok Lee, PhD

Co-PI & Project Lead
Young oversees the project planning and operations, focusing on the user experience design and product development.

Rebecca A. Christie

Customer Support Specialist
Rebecca is responsible for diagnosing and troubleshooting customers' problems with the application and information.

Kathleen O'Sullivan, MS, CCLS

Chief Content Developer
Kathleen creates and personalizes NICU2HOME’s content to inspire, support, educate and empower families.

Liam P. Warner-Shifflett

Research Intern
Liam provides research and project support including data analysis, education content review, and website development.


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